Monday, December 17, 2007

Bratz: The Life

Game Overview
Bratz: The Life is a game centered on education and responsibility. Aimed to girls of a young age, this game provides a somewhat realistic portrayal of life as a teenager. Set in a free-roam setting, this game is comprised of mainly 3 “maps” where most game-play would occur. In school, a character would take part in 4 different classes, each possibly containing a pop-quiz. Difficulty settings would revolve around the player’s age, as well as the amount of study time that character had devoted the day before, where the second “map” takes place (afterschool). Along with extracurricular activities and possibly an outside job, characters juggle the reality of life in conjunction with school work which mainly reflects the responsibility and aspiration aspect of the game. There will also be some fun activities in the game, like shopping; but for items that are needed. To teach about the dangers and needless time-spending on the act of consumption, players would be exposed to budget situations and unforeseeable circumstances that would make characters hold on to their wallets/purses a little more tightly. In essence this game is real-life, and in reality a girl might actually refuse to play this game. But in a society where learning games are already present, this game concept heads no where off the road to a child’s guide to interactive learning. Enclosed is the cover for Bratz: The Life, marketed towards youngsters everywhere, eager to get a jumpstart on life.
Here is a screenshot of Bratz: The Life for sale

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